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Small Business Tools 41 Best Small Business Tools

That means that spending even $1 on email marketing can give you a return of $44. The emergence of COVID-19 has highlighted the need for digital applications that are nimble, practical, and cost-saving. With our Native Time Tracking, you can track work hours for different tasks without any external help.

20 best business tools for startups Software for startups

Below are some tools that can help shape the team to live the values that you care and build a team that can work cohesively together. Anyone who is consistently distracted by social media, news, or other internet distractions will find this time management app 20 best business tools for startups Software for startups useful. RescueTime helps users effectively manage their time by creating detailed reports on time spent on apps and websites. Set time limits for specific apps or websites and even restrict websites that distract you from important work tasks with the app.


SCORE is an education and mentorship focused organization that provides valuable resources to small business owners. With SCORE, you can find mentors remotely, take online courses, and participate in webinars all on one platform. Everything on the site is geared toward helping small businesses succeed for free with the help of the nation’s largest network of business experts. He’s not the only one who sees this as an area ripe for a technology solution.

You can test every potential new feature or page you’re thinking of launching before investing fully in making the change. It also includes personalization functionality, giving you the option of showing unique content on web pages based on the visitor’s previous activity and user profile. A relatively small team needs to cover every aspect of the business – from social media to marketing, analytics, and everything in between. There are many factors that contribute to the success of a business. First and foremost, businesses need to have a clear understanding of their target market and what needs and wants their potential customers have.

Best HR Tools for Startups

That’s the only way to ensure you won’t end up draining your budget on a bunch of tools you’ll never use. Streamline your recruiting process, improve employee advocacy, and optimize onboarding with JazzHR’s customizable solutions. All-in-one HR software with automation for managing your team and more. Pocket keeps you focused while collecting content and reading online. Use AnyDo’s interactive calendars and to-do lists to make sure everything gets done when it should and take control of your time.

20 best business tools for startups Software for startups

It offers the quality and the artistic creativity of a pro without having to pay the salary of a full-time graphic designer. While we already cast our ballot, Asana’s merits are definitely worthy of recognition. Like Trello, Asana is a very robust tool and also offers a freemium model. The structure, however, is not immediately as intuitive, so there’s a bit of a learning curve. On the plus side, Asana offers some more advanced organizational functionalities than Trello, making it a good pick for complex projects where you may need more rigorous tracking.

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Foundersuite includes Startup Docs which is an extensive set of templates and spreadsheets like pitch decks, founder’s agreements. Foundersmarket is a catalog of amazing deals on exclusive products. RingCentral’s app allows you to make calls without disclosing your personal number. Also, it performs as your video conferencing and messaging medium for your teams. However, it adds more value as an exceptional tool for your marketing and sales departments, all with just one tool.

20 best business tools for startups Software for startups

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