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Panama Wedding Traditions

Panama wedding party traditions are a beautiful and one of a kind way to celebrate your personal day! Out of pre-wedding traditions like the bride’s family presenting her away, to post-wedding customs just like throwing rice once and for all luck, these types of traditions might add a fun and memorable contact to your marriage ceremony.

A Bridal Procession

Before the actual wedding, it is common for that bridal procession to take place with family and friends in attendance. This is the easiest way for the future bride to exhibit her absolutely adore and support for her husband-to-be before heading off to the venue where the marriage ceremony will take place.

A dowry

One of the most reputed panamanian wedding customs is the dowry, which is a product given by the future groom’s family for the bride’s spouse and children. It can be whatever from pieces of furniture and appliances to jewelry and dresses, depending on just how wealthy equally families are.

The dress

It’s not abnormal for Panamanian couples to experience a wedding gown that has refined Latin influences, such as ruffles or a cathedral-length mantilla veil. If the few is Catholic, a scalloped wide lace trim at the skirt or perhaps bolero garments can also be a nod for their religion.

The cake

A traditional component of a panamanian wedding is the trimming of the pastry by both the bride and groom. This is a way to symbolize wedding ceremony being “until death carry out us part” and to live up too their commitment to each other.

The food

Panama is definitely a popular destination for foreign people who want to get married in a tropical establishing. The country abounds with beaches, mountain range and islands which have been sure to choose a dream wedding party a reality!

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