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Infrared ink glasses-customplayingcardss

Infrared ink glasses do not perform the task of correcting the short sight but they do let you see the invisible marks on the back of the cards. Some special ink is used to protect the lens. It looks just like normal glasses. The purpose behind marked cards sunglasses is for reading the poker trick marked cards.

Why do players use infrared ink glasses? The reasons are listed below.

Firstly, the infrared ink glasses is very easy to use. After wearing it you can read the invisible ink mark on the playing cards. Then, you can remove it whenever you like. It can also be used to protect your eyes from other players. But, they are unable to detect your feelings. It is not necessary to apply the solution liquid to cleanse your lenses. Sunglasses do not need to be touched with the eyes directly. This is a benefit for those who can’t put the lens into their eyes. There are those who are who are allergic to contact lens.

It is safe to only allow you to operate it. It is not necessary to have an extra partner. It will help you keep your secrets from being exposed to others.

Thirdly, the cost of the sunglasses are much lower than other marked-card cheated products. It is a “low investment, high reward” product. We know this type of infrared ink glasses can be employed in any game of poker, such as baccarat, Texas Holdem, Seka, Omaha, Honda. It is compatible with various kinds of playing cards. It is an all-purpose cheating product.

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