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7 SDR Interview Prep Tips to Help You Stand Out

Sales development representatives are the lifeline of an organization. They power the sales team’s success by searching for and outreaching to prospects. Again, while you walk through the building with the HR contact before and after, you might see people walking around with beards, long hair, etc. that say otherwise.

It’s only fair that you allow candidates to brag about their greatest wins as well as the losses they’ve grown from. Plus, you get to see their enthusiasm and potential in sales. The candidate identifies a specific feature that stands out from other competitors and follows up with a question that indicates interest in the company and its direction. Vague answers that don’t actually highlight the specific value or applications of a product show a lack of research.

The 20 Best Sales Development Rep Interview Questions

They want to see the overlap between the team’s current tech stack and what you’re accustomed to. This will help them get a sense of onboarding and training needed, as well, should the interview process move forward. First of all, if you don’t feel crystal clear on their expectations, it’s okay to answer this question with a question of your own to make sure you are on the same page.

sales development representative interview questions

We know this question sounds like something your father-in-law might ask, but if your interviewer asks it, you should have a general answer in mind to never get caught off guard. What matters is how you answer the question – your tone – and not necessarily the content of what you say. The interviewer will be hanging on your every word and watching every unconscious fidget you make, so don’t think you can merely make up the answer as long as it sounds energetic and confident. Our goal at Uvaro is to provide you with the background you need to thrive as an SDR in the early portion of your career. Ultimately setting you up for success with abundant opportunities. Responses that name a challenge and detail the process of ideating a creative solution best show the candidate’s problem-solving skills and resolution.

Sales Reporting: Sales Manager Reports for Team Success

Asking the right questions during the interview process can help you identify the best candidates for the job. A great sales development representative can open doors to lucrative new business. What makes a strong sales development representative—and how do you spot them? These interview questions will help you find and hire an ideal sales development representative for your company.

Once you graduate from the Uvaro program, you’ll be very skilled. An interviewer wants to know how your skill set will complement the rest of the sales team. But sometimes it’s a lukewarm lead if the prospect has already filled out a leap capture form online. It’s a cold call if there’s already a backlog of semi-qualified leads. Either way, the ultimate goal of an SDR isn’t to close the deal but to shepherd prospects through the sales pipeline.

Sales Manager Questions

Plus, it gives you a preview into how they’ll engage and sell prospects on your business. Despite being crucially important, the interview is still just one stage of the full hiring process. A process that can be time and resource-consuming, often based on subjective data, and prone to biases. You want to hear how they use sales data to improve their daily performance and identify areas of opportunity.

  • Asking the right questions during the interview process can help you identify the best candidates for the job.
  • I figured that we weren’t going to win back the business, so I made that clear right away.
  • Yet, businesses globally are fighting to be successful, get new customers, and grow their sales funnels.
  • You can even get the candidates to rate themselves for their convincing skills, and focus on knowing the potential employees beyond their CV.

Every time the prospect lobs the ball their way, they should send it right back with a question or interesting insight. If the candidate poses thought-provoking questions instead of the standard interview queries, chances are, they’ll pepper their sales conversations with compelling questions. Coachability is critical for sales development reps. Observe how well the candidate incorporates your feedback into their second attempt.

SDR Interview Prep Tips to Help You Stand Out

One example is when the interviewer asks you to describe a time when you responded to a supervisor’s feedback on your performance. Of all the questions in this list – this one has a practical purpose. Simply because as an SDR, you will constantly be receiving feedback from your team leaders.

sales development representative interview questions

While compensation is important to every candidate, it should not be the only driver. A thoughtful answer shows that the candidate is fulfilled by this role—beyond a simple paycheck. After you’ve finished your part of SDR recruiting, you have to let a candidate ask some questions.

What motivates you to sell?

The candidate doesn’t seek out feedback from the prospect and just accepts the lost deal. The candidate takes care to address each stage of the sales cycle and their role in advancing the customer journey. There’s no clear indication that the candidate knows each step of a typical sales process and its intent or timeline. Remember, throughout the interview, you want to come across as authentic and natural as possible. The interviewer knows you’re applying for a sales position, but you cannot come across as too sales-like. Always make a point to pause and take a breath before providing any response, and don’t forget the post-interview.

sales development representative interview questions

In sales, you experience a lot of setbacks and a lot of ‘No’s’. Lauren asks this question to gauge one’s ability to keep a sense of confidence despite the challenges in a sales development role. In recent years, as more businesses have started segmenting their sales teams, the demand for SDRs has skyrocketed. When on average 45% of revenues are sourced by the SDR team, it is not surprising that 1/3 of sales leaders say their biggest challenge is recruiting for their SDR roles. With the sales development job role being the most “important sales process innovation in the last 10 years”, hiring the right candidate is crucial for any organization. Familiarize yourself with the skills and requirements needed for the job.